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There is an update to the verification email process for those customers who utilize Evanced's email service for their Events and Room Reserve systems.

NOTE: The  new email verification process only affects customers who use Evanced's email service.  

To see if you are using Evanced's email service, and to learn more details concerning the update, please visit this help article

In an effort to make this email address verification requirement more easily seen by patrons, a small language update will be applied to the "Attendee Email Address" field of your Event and/or Room Reserve site. 

The language update(s) will be applied to your site within the next seven business days. The update, as shown above, is minimal and your site will not experience any down time and your staff and patrons' activity will be unaffected.  

The above updates will go in hand with the updated staff-side verification workflow outlined here and the updated Events patron-side workflow here and the Room Reserve patron side workflow here.