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Welcome to the Summer Reading Club sign-up home page! SRC is for all ages! We have 5 programs to choose from:
1. Ages Birth to 5......."read to me" 20 stories
2. Grades K to 3.........at least 6 books
3. Grades 4 to 7.........at least 6 books
4. Grades 8 to 12........at least 6 books
5. Ages 18+..............at least 6 books
Join a program by clicking one the "SRC 2016" program tabs at the top of this page (under the picture.) Read the amount of books/materials required, share what you read with us, and qualify to win prizes. That's it! Oh, and join us at the library for all our Summer Reading events throughout the summer!

MAY 31st - SIGN UP. Anytime through July 31. Start reading!
JUNE 8th - REPORT. Share/review between June 8 and July 31.
JULY 31st - SRC ENDS. Finish up today & qualify for prizes!

This program, Ages Birth-5, welcomes parents or caregivers to read 20 stories to young ones, up through the age of 5. This program is designed especially for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers who are not yet old enough to read on their own.

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